The Lighthouse Catechism

lighthouse 2The Lighthouse Catechism was created by Mathew Gilbert. It was adapted from the Baptism Catechism, Westminster Shorter Catechism, Heidelberg Catechism, and New City Catechism. I have simply taken the question and answers from these historic catechisms and modified them for children. The name of this catechism comes from a desire to guide our children with truth and guard them from deception. Lighthouses are pillars of light that guide sailors into the harbor and guard them from the rocks. The goal of this catechism is to guide children with the light of the gospel and guard them from false teaching. The catechism is divided into six major sections where we cover six major doctrines:

  1. The Doctrine of the Word of God
  2. The Doctrine of God
  3. The Doctrine of Man
  4. The Doctrine of Christ
  5. The Doctrine of Salvation
  6. The Doctrine of the Church

 The Lighthouse Catechism is comprised of fifty question and answers with corresponding Scripture references. I recommend the memorization of these question and answers as part of your family devotions. These doctrines will be taught week by week to your children, but you are the primary spiritual leaders in your children’s lives. Take advantage of this resource by helping your children memorize some of the most crucial doctrines to the Christian faith.

The Lighthouse Catechism is also equipped with small group guides to help your family or church go deeper in gospel application of each catechism question.

If you have any questions about the catechism or its implementation in your family worship time or church’s children’s ministry, please contact me.

Mathew Gilbert
Associate Pastor for Children and Preschool
The Church at Trace Crossing | Tupelo, MS

Free PDF Download:

The Lighthouse Catechism

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