Morning Mashup 01/31


Super Bowl Sex-Trafficking and Other Myths – Joe Carter provides us with four myths–“two serious and two trivial”–about the Super Bowl.

Christian, You Are Crazy – Mack Stiles examines what it means to be an ambassador for Christ.

The Pastor as Teacher – This series of blog posts from Al Mohler (Pres. SBTS) has been incredibly edifying for me as I am preparing for the ministry and this post in particular is important for all pastors to read.

Why I Married a White Girl – Trip Lee: “There’s nothing necessarily wrong with having preferences, but we have to hold them with an open hand. I know some people who overlook a potential godly spouse because they don’t fit some random preference. Some of our preferences really don’t matter that much. Some of our preferences may even be foolish, so we have to submit all of them to Scripture.”

Three Reasons to Get Some Sleep – Jonathan Parnell: “Life is too short to sleep all the time. But life is also too short not to sleep a large part of the time.”

Your Testimony is Not the Gospel – R.C. Sproul: “[W]e shouldn’t confuse our personal testimonies with the gospel. Sharing our personal testimonies is not evangelism. It’s merely pre-evangelism, sort of a warm-up for evangelism…God makes no promise that He will use my story as His power unto salvation. The gospel is not about me. The gospel is about Jesus.”

$5 Friday – Excellent resources from Ligonier Ministries. Many helpful books and teaching series.

You are God’s tool. He wills to wear you out by use not by idleness. Oh happy man, whom He calls to His work! –Ulrich Zwingli