My Favorite Sunday Morning Pencil

If you know me, or follow me on Instagram, you know that I have developed a love for pencils. I have loved writing for as long as I can remember, but I’ve primarily written using a computer of some kind. However, the experience of writing something down with your own hand, without spell check, feeling each word leave your mind and hand, is strangely satisfying. I’m not gonna spend much time today explaining exactly why I love pencils because that’s for a future blog post. But suffice it to say, I love writing with pencils because of the experience.

Sunday mornings are a special time for me and my family. We gather with our faith family to worship the one, true, and living God. During the sermon time of our service, I will usually take notes one way or another. When I choose to take notes by hand in a Field Notes pocket journal, I will mostly likely only have one pencil in my hand–a Cedar Pointe pencil.

61vY94kVN8L._SL1200_The Cedar Pointe from General Pencil Company is an excellent pencil for note taking because of its firm, yet soft graphite core. It allows me to write much, write fast, and still feel every stroke. This is especially important when you’re needing to write down thoughts quickly, like during a sermon or class lecture. My lead pastor is incredibly insightful and one of the most application driven preachers I’ve ever heard. I learn so much from his ability to take a seemingly obscure passage, preach its meaning in context, and then draw out clear and valuable application points. His preaching style and abilities warrant much note taking!

So, I need a reliable pencil that’s firm enough to not require sharpening in the 45-60 minute sermon, but soft enough to flow smoothly.  Oh, and they smell amazing! I hardly want to admit it, but I often like to use the Cedar Pointe just for the strong and lasting aroma.Generals_Cedar_Pointe_pencil_2HB_1024x1024

If you see me on a Sunday morning, I’ll likely have a Cedar Pointe close by. I highly recommend the Cedar Pointe pencils from General Pencils. Whether you’re a pencil fanatic like me, or just looking for a different writing utensil, picking up some Cedar Pointes will be well worth the money. You can find them on Amazon or at my favorite pencil store, CW Pencils.

19149367_2014653971893374_3834793165439186257_nMathew Gilbert is Associate Pastor for Children and Preschool at The Church at Trace Crossing in Tupelo, MS. He is a student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the author of Come to the Well: 50 Meditations to Fuel Your Joy in God. Mathew and his wife, Erica, live in Tupelo with their two boys, Jude and Jack.


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