Morning Mashup 08/31


Rubio Surges Among Evangelical Insiders – Young Rubio is a fan favorite among evangelical leaders. Now these are the evangelicals I want to identify with. Trump finds himself close to Hillary among this group.

Ohio Bill Would Ban Abortion if Down Syndrome is the Reason – Ohio could soon pass a bill banning abortion if the reason is Down Syndrome. A step in the right direction.

Life is Short. Love Your Spouse. – Yes! Contra Ashley Madison, this post praises the beauty of monogamy while giving advice for guarding and gardening your marriage.

‘Sister Wives’ Clan Uses Same-Sex Marriage Ruling in Polygamy Case – And the snowball begins its decent.

Six Thoughts on Vanity Fair and the Triumph of the Christian Moral-Ethical Imagination – Andrew Walker offers six insightful thoughts in response to Vanity Fair’s piece on the use of online sites for “casual sex.”

The Meaning of Serena Williams – Interesting profile of Serena Williams from the NY Times.

Emmett Till – Helpful piece by D.A. Horton. I was glad I read this on the 60th anniversary of Till’s death. You would still do well to read it today.

The Most Popular Bible of the Year – Profile of the NIV Study Bible.

No one can move anywhere without God knowing, for his eye penetrates both the grave and highest heaven. –John Calvin


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