Morning Mashup 08/10


What Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Really Do – Contra Planned Parenthood, this article shows how the defunding of this abortion giant in women’s “health care” is really a sign of progress for women.

Planned Parenthood if Hopeless, But We Are Not – Owen Strachan writes, “But abortion is hopelessness made tangible. It is a sickness, a cancer that grows in our stomach, undiagnosed and untouched. It has dulled our emotions. It has seared our conscience. We have lost sight of redemption. Someone falls, and we instinctively think, There’s no use picking them up. They’re gone.”

Calvinism and the Problem of Evil – Helpful post from Derek Rishmawy.

Nothing We Cannot Do – Tim Chester: “There is nothing that God expects you to do that you cannot do. The sin that defeats you need not defeat you. The fears that consume you need not consume you. The people who terrify you need not terrify you.”

Don’t Know What a Fetus Is? – Justin Taylor quotes and summarizes philosopher Peter Kreeft’s discussion of the logical possibilities of what a fetus is.

Where Do We Go From Here? – Jarvis Williams is a rising voice on race and the gospel. When he writes on race, you would do well to read every word.

I believe many pro-abortion people know the science has turned against them & their days are numbered. Keep fighting. –Eric Metaxas


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