Morning Mashup 07/27


A mashup of articles for your information, edification, entertainment, and enjoyment.

Rewarding Our Children for Obedience – I have always wondered if rewarding children to motivate obedience was anti-gospel. With caution and clarity, Mark Jones explains why it is good to motivate our children’s obedience with rewards, for that is how our Father does it.

Their Respective Beheadings – Logic is chilling. Doug Wilson has been my favorite evangelical voice in the wake of the Planned Parenthood undercover videos.

Looking Away from Abortion – I was more than glad to find this amazing piece in the NY Times yesterday. Ross Douthat warns those who are supporting Planned Parenthood that you can no longer use ignorance as an excuse. The horror of abortion is before our eyes.

How the Media is Promoting Polyamory – Ryan Anderson asks this all-important question: “If ‘equality’ requires redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, what else does ‘equality’ require?”

Building Relationships with Muslims – Enlightening interview with professor John Klaassen.

Can We Kill Human Beings if They Are Not Persons? – Joe Carter: “Dr. Gunter claims that pro-lifers are using medically incorrect language to distort the facts about abortion. But Gunter and other advocates for embryo and fetal destruction are the one’s playing semantic games. They should simply admit they believe it is acceptable to kill some human beings because human beings do not have, per se, intrinsic worth or an inherent right not to be killed.”

Verses Bible Memory App – Check out this great app to aid your Bible memorization. It is engaging and addictive.

Only on the cross do you have an entirely loving and holy God. –Tim Keller


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