Morning Mashup 07/17


At the end of a week filled with controversies in America, I was not short of interesting articles to share with you. I have given more time to reading articles this week than I usually do. I even put down Lewis and Keller for a few days to saturate my mind in the variety of voices responding to the many crucial issues facing our nation. Many of these articles are related to the atrocious video of an official with Planned Parenthood admitting to harvesting and selling body parts of aborted babies. As always, I pray you are encouraged, edified, and informed by this mashup of articles.

Ghouls – I wish I could write half as well as Doug Wilson. He is particularly gifted at writing about those issues that are hard to write about in a compelling and convictional manner. In this post, Wilson has some characteristically strong and poignant words in response to the chilling video of a chief Planned Parenthood medical official admitting to the trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

Planned Parenthood and the Conscience of a Nation – When it comes to responding to cultural issues, controversies, and travesties from a Christian worldview, I always turn to Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler is on point in this article.

7 Gospel-Centered Principles for Protecting Your Marriage – Much gospel wisdom in this piece.

4 Types of Parental Involvement in Student Ministry – I believe parental involvement is crucial to student ministry, and like this article states, student ministry really falls within family ministry. If you are involved in student ministry leadership, you really need to check this out. This is a great post about the importance of parental involvement.

How Can We Protect Freedom for Everyone? – Ryan Anderson, who is always insightful in the so-called, “same-sex marriage” debate, writes, “Even now that the Supreme Court has redefined marriage, Americans who believe that marriage is union of husband and wife should be free to live and work in accord with their convictions.”

Planned Parenthood is about Abortion– In a pathetic attempt to salvage some level of respect, Planned Parenthood and its supporters began saying things like, “We are not about abortion,” “Abortion only makes up 3% of the services Planned Parenthood provides.” Well, this article brings that atrocious deception into the light.

The Grotesque Business of Planned Parenthood – “It’s hard to have an honest debate about abortion in this country, when the issue is so often shrouded in evasion and deception. That’s why we all owe a debt to Deborah Nucatola. She is willing to tell it the way it is.”

New Andy Mineo Album Release Date Revealed – Andy Mineo is one of my favorite artists. My brother and I were just talking a few weeks ago about when Mineo’s new album would release. Well, now we know. Can’t wait for “Uncomfortable” this fall!

Colin Cowherd Leaving ESPN – Even though I disagree with nearly every single opinion that comes from the mouth of Colin Cowherd, I am saddened to see his departure from ESPN Radio. I always appreciated his desire and gift to speak to the broader issues within sports and how they relate to the wider culture. Cowherd would examine how sports influenced culture and how the cultural landscape influenced sports in his own goofy and unashamed manner. He was insightful, and he helped me get into a progressive’s mind to see how they view the world, which has helped me speak with greater understanding to cultural issues. I will miss disagreeing with Cowherd each morning.

Planned Parenthood’s Dehumanizing Rhetoric – “But we should also work to end the systemic pressures which keep the moral evil of abortion a meaningful possibility in the American culture, the same way over the past year many people have become more aware of how the evils of racism continue to structure our society.”

If it seems horrible to kill a man in his own house than in a field, because a man’s house is his place of most secure refuge, it ought surely to be deemed more atrocious to destroy a fetus in the womb before it has come to light. —John Calvin


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