Morning Mashup 12/15


A Response to Gay Christianity – Owen Strachan of SBTS and Boyce College responds to “Wheaton College’s gay celibate Christian.”

The Gospel in Puerto Rico – An interview with an evangelical church leader in Puerto Rico on how the gospel is thriving in a place where prosperity theology was prominent for years.

Unseen C.S. Lewis Letter Found in Book – This letter expresses Lewis’ thoughts on joy.

Five Reflections on Failures in the Young, Restless, and Reformed Movement – D.A. Carson: “Yes, let us beware of the elixir of celebrity status, but let us thank God for gifted leaders; yes, let us not become snookered by ratings and digital reach, but let us use all lawful means to spread the gospel; and so forth.”

To the Dad Looking at Porn – An open letter from a daughter to her porn-watching father.

Moses Without the Supernatural – Al Mohler’s review of the new blockbuster movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings.

I believe that love to God, and to man for God’s sake, is the essence of religion, and the fulfilling of the law. —John Newton


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