Morning Mashup 12/10


I Don’t See You as a Black Friend – Garrett Kell with an enlightening and emotional discussion of his friendships with black Christian men in his life.

Why I Think the Christian Ought to Care About Race – Friends, listen carefully to Trillia Newbell: “Here’s the thing, you don’t have to agree with all of the issues surrounding the case. We can all disagree about how the case was handled. We can disagree with intent of the officer, etc. But what we can’t ignore is that there is an entire community of people of all colors (but majority Black) who are mourning and grieving. We can’t ignore that.”

Who Was St. Nicholas? – Kevin DeYoung discusses who the real St. Nicholas was. Whether you teach your kids about Santa Claus or not, this article will be to your advantage.

Abortion is Out; Single Moms Are In – “New data show fewer abortions and marriages, meaning many more single moms.Those who love life should start supporting good marriages and parenting.”

How Do You Sleep? – Hm. A question you probably haven’t asked, but probably should be.

The Pastoral Ministry of Shaking Hands – H.B. Charles Jr.: “But I contend it is a good thing for a pastor to hang around after services to shake hands with church members. It is not just a courteous thing to do. You should consider it further ministry to the people you minister to in the pulpit.”

Five Things I’ve Learned From Kids with Autism – Honest and helpful post from Cameron Doolittle.

The History of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree – Read about one of the most iconic symbols of the Christmas holiday.

Every Christian is either a missionary or an impostor. –Charles Spurgeon

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