Morning Mashup 09/17


Spanking, Abuse, and Modern Families – Dave Miller exposes the biblical call for parents to discipline their children and the striking difference between spanking and abuse. This should help in thinking through Adrian Peterson’s actions.

Was Richard Dawkins Right? – In Romans 8:28, “All things really means all things, including disabilities and genetic anomalies that will lead to much pain and suffering.”

Why Can’t Men Be Friends? – An open, honest, and important article from Wesley Hill on the absence of and the need for male friendship.

Survey Says Churches Are More Racially Diverse and Open to Homosexual Members – Joe Carter examines this recent trend.

Biblical Theology and the Sexuality Crisis – Albert Mohler: “The sexuality crisis has demonstrated the failure of theological method on the part of many pastors.”

Why Do Christians Worship on Sunday? – An excellent explanation from Daniel Hyde.

Another Novelist to Consider Reading – Kevin DeYoung recommends the reading of an author I have never heard of. After reading this post, I am heading over to Amazon to purchase a new book.

Christians Arrested at a Prayer Meeting in Saudi Arabia – Pray for these brothers and sisters.

Are They Really Worshipping God? – An important reminder that though kids may be singing, worship is much more than physical expression.

Read Slowly to Benefit Your Brain and Cut Stress – “At least 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading with a book or e-book helps.”

25 Brilliant “No Trespassing” Signs – Some of these are hilarious. Some are just disturbing. All of them I’d love to see someone test…or not.

God’s chief end is his glory, and he made us to find our highest joy in hallowing his name. –J.I. Packer


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