Morning Mashup 05/29


Godzilla and the Salvific Destruction of God – Derek Rishmawy: “Godzilla is a film that reminds us puny, feeble creatures who look out on the grand stage of human history and seem to see only death, that in death God is always at work to bring about life.”

What I’ve Learned in Twenty Years of Marriage – As a young married couple approaching our one-year anniversary, who was constantly told, “You are not ready for marriage,” this reflection by Russell Moore was very encouraging and timely for my wife and me. Check this out whether you are married or not.

Thoughts from a Younger Pastor on the SBC Annual Meeting – Excellent and honest thoughts from Pastor Andew Dyer (Corinth Baptist Church, London, KY) on the realities and benefits of denominational organizations and meetings. Southern Baptists especially should not miss this article.

Brooklyn’s Bridge – “Adam and Corrie Hull were given Brooklyn, an amazing little girl…For 118 days.” See the full story and marvel and God’s grace and sovereignty in disease and death.

Ten Books for Eager Reading–The 2014 Summer Reading List – A possible reading list offered by SBTS president, Al Mohler. I found at least three books to add to my late summer reading list from this list. Mostly historical options here.

If you ‘permit’ Jesus to become your king, you’re assuming an authority you don’t actually have. We don’t delegate but gladly surrender. –Sam Alberry


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