Morning Mashup 05/27


How to Weigh Doctrines for Christian Unity – Joe Rigney: “I’d like to suggest that part of growing up into maturity as an individual, as a congregation, as an institution, and, Lord willing, as a universal church is the ability to make distinctions when it comes to doctrinal disagreements. All truths are important, but not all truths are equally important. Some are “of first importance” (1 Cor. 15:3-4). There are weightier matters of the law (Matt. 23:23). And therefore, we ought to grow in our ability to weigh doctrines and practices rightly so that we preserve and pursue our unity in Christ. What follows is my attempt to introduce the types of distinctions we should look for when evaluating our divisions.”

The Ethos of Christian Hedonism – John Piper: “Defending Christian Hedonism exegetically is one thing; helping people feel the ethos of it is something else. The latter is harder. That’s what I want to try to do here.”

Why Don’t We See Miracles Like the Apostles Did? – Justin Holcomb examines the purpose of miracles in the Bible to help us understand why there seems to be a disconnect in what the apostles saw and what we see.

University Reformed Church Votes to Leave the RCA – An announcement from URC senior pastor, Kevin DeYoung. Pray for both this church and this denomination.

Where the Sanctification Controversy Lies – Rick Phillips: “The matter is not about legalists claiming that the law provides the power to obey God’s commands.  Neither is this a fight between Tullian’s defense of the radical grace of the gospel versus those who are afraid of grace.  Quite to the contrary, it is precisely the grace of God that is being denigrated, since it is by God’s amazing grace that Christians are not only justified through faith alone but are born again and given the power of Christ to lead new lives (Eph. 1:18-20).  Moreover, this is not a small number of angry men who are “attacking” Tullian.  Rather, a large body of Reformed scholars and leaders, including The Gospel Coalition but extending far beyond it, are gravely concerned that Christians are being told that they cannot pursue holiness and that their pastors should not tell them to do so.”

The 10 Least Popular Books of the Bible – Can you guess which books made the cut? I had fun with this one.

“Nay, unless [men] establish their complete happiness in [God], they will never give themselves truly and completely to him.” –John Calvin


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