Morning Mashup 05/13


Don’t Give Up On Don – Moving and poignant article written by Marshall Segal at Desiring God. In light of Donald Sterling’s first public interview since his derogatory and racist comments, Segal writes that Christians must not give up on Don or anyone like him. This is because God saves sinners like Donald Sterling and sinners like you and me. He then writes, “This means we have a mission from God to race after the racists — after the murderers, rapists, and vile criminals. It’s a real mission, and it’s filled with real hope.” Reading this article is time well spent.

The Church Needs More Tattoos – This is a very important post from Russell Moore, who writes, “We’ve come not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. We’ve come to call not just those who look like whatever Christians are assumed to look like, but the whole world. If the church is powered by the gospel, then sometimes the Body of Christ has tattoos.”

The Silence of Jesus and the Voice of the Apostles – Wesley Hill: “[I]f we want to read Scripture the way the Church has always read it, is pretend as if the words of Jesus in the Gospels were somehow ethically definitive apart from the ministry of the risen Christ through his appointed apostles.”

Review of “PROOF” – This review by Derek Rishmawy of Derek Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones’ new book PROOF is all the proof you will need to justify buying this great book.

Students, Don’t Waste Your Summer – Jeff Brewer offers ten ways students can maximize their summer rather than wasting it.

Five Moves to Integrate Theology Into Your Ministry – Professor and pastor Hershael York offers a helpful guide to integrate theology into the ministry of the church.

Should All Christian Content Be Free? – I hear this question a lot. I have been criticized for “falling into the trap” of Christian publishing by buying many books and resources for my own personal discipleship and the discipleship of others. Barnabas Piper offers sound thoughts on this issue. They are well worth checking out.

Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell, I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of Hell. –C.T. Studd


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