Morning Mashup 04/28


Is WaterBoarding How We ‘Baptize Terrorists’? – Joe Carter discusses Sarah Palin’s recent (foolish) remarks on how she would treat terrorists. Carter writes, “For anyone to confess Christ as their savior and to compare one of the means of God’s grace to a reprehensible act of torture is reprehensible.” Well, said.

When God’s Sovereignty Scares You – God’s sovereignty can definitely be frightening. The Joseph-like or even Christ-like means God may use in your life to accomplish his purposes for your good and his glory are very scary indeed. But Keri Seavey believes resting in the arms of the “suffering sovereign” who continuously “convinces us of his deep love” as we face terrible suffering. If you are suffering in any shape or form today, this is an excellent post for you.

Saints in Scripture – Here is a helpful comprehensive look at what a “saint” truly is according to the Bible.

When It Seems Like God Did You Wrong – Have you ever felt like this? Jon Bloom encourages us, “God’s purposes in the lives of his children are always gracious. Always. If they don’t look like it, don’t trust your perceptions. Trust God’s promises. He’s alwaysfulfilling his promises.”

So, You Believe in ‘Marriage Equality’? Why Not for Throuples? – Robert George: “The story of a female throuple in Massachusetts (with a baby on the way) provides further confirmation, as if any were needed, of the proposition that “ideas have consequences.” Once one has abandoned belief in marriage as a conjugal bond (with its central structuring norm of sexual complementarity) in favor of a concept of “marriage” as a form of sexual-romantic companionship or domestic partnership (“love makes a family”), then what possible principle could be identified for a norm “restricting” marriage to two-person partnerships, as opposed to polyamorous sexual ensembles of three or more persons?”

God is love. Everything we know about him teaches us that, and every encounter we have with him expresses it. –Gerald Bray



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