Morning Mashup 04/25


Who Are the False Teachers? – While it can be both hard and easy to name names, the most important thing when it comes to identifying false teachers is the criteria. “Look at how a teacher views God, the gospel, and the Scriptures. That will likely tell you most everything you need to know.”

Under Which God? The Pledge, Public Prayer, and Ceremonial Deism – “There is a vast and unbridgeable chasm between America’s civil religion and Christianity. If we claim that “under God” refers only to the Christian, Trinitarian conception of God we are either being unduly intolerant or, more likely, simply kidding ourselves. Do we truly think that the Hindu, Wiccan, or Buddhist is claiming to be under the same deity as we are? We can’t claim, as Paul did on Mars Hill, that the “unknown god” they are worshiping is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They have heard of Jesus — and reject him as God.”

Why Do You Struggle With Evangelism? – Oh, isn’t this the question of every Christian? Here are three major reasons that we struggle with evangelism.

How I Almost Became a False Teacher – This is a very helpful and insightful post from John Knight as he describes his near fall into false teaching.

Jesus Is Better Than Porn – When it comes to porn, you are not just fleeing from something, you are fleeing to someone. Finding greater satisfaction is the only way to defeat this dreaded temptation. This article is worth the read.

A Spiritual Family Tree – The only family tree that ultimately matters. “Men will kill, work, labor and live to sow a legacy, but the greatest legacy we can leave in our wake is a generation of worshippers after us. We all have a spiritual family tree. It has extended to us, may it not end there. I hazard to think that when we are assembled in heaven, when we are dwelling with all the saints gathered from every generation, that we will see the connections of our spiritual family tree. And I wonder, how long will the branches of your family tree extend? How many will trace their line through you all the way back to Abraham? By God’s grace, I hope it is many. Pass on the faith. We have a gift of infinite value. We dare not keep it to ourselves.”

“The heaven I desired was a heaven of holiness; to be with God, and to spend my eternity in divine love, and holy communion with Christ.” –Jonathan Edwards



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