Morning Mashup 04/24


Gospel Inclusion and Instagram – Feeling left out, the Instagram-effect, and the gospel. If you minister to teenagers in any capacity, this is a helpful read.

China On Course to Become ‘World’s Most Christian Nation’ – Joe Carter: “Christians in America often find reasons to be pessimistic about our religion’s waning influence on our country. But we should remember that our land is not the last bastion of hope for the faith. The remarkable growth in global Christianity — particularly in Asia and Africa — should give us reason to be optimistic. The Holy Spirit is changing hearts and minds around the globe in a way that has not been seen since the first century after Christ’s Ascension. For this we should be eternally grateful.”

But What About Gluttony!?! – Kevin DeYoung honestly and poignantly discusses the sin of gluttony and the common accusations that Christians focus more attention on some sins over and against others. Much wisdom in this piece.

Sinner, Come Home – Albert Mohler reflects on John Piper’s closing message at Together for the Gospel. When Piper finished singing, I felt a tear run down the side of my face. What an amazing example both Piper and Mohler have set for the thousands of evangelical pastors and students who attended T4G. Mohler writes, “I was overcome with joy and profound thankfulness for what happened in that room that Thursday afternoon. We all got to see an evangelist pleading with sinners, pointing to Christ, unashamed to plead with emotion and passion and agonized urgency. I heard the conviction in the voices of a rising generation as we sang that hymn, and my spirit rose within me. I was thrilled to lose my composure for the sake of a moment of such joy.”

Should I Retweet that Compliment? – Mathew Sims at Grace for Sinners reflects on this question, which was originally posed at the Band of Bloggers pre-conference at T4G. He humbly and biblically challenges the thought that retweeting a compliment is always sin. You would do well to consider this post. Just don’t tempt him by complimenting his post on Twitter. 🙂

While it is true that there is an individual salvation, and this is the beginning of the Christian life, yet nevertheless individual salvation should show itself also in corporate relationship. –Francis Schaeffer


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