Morning Mashup 04/16


Christianity Packs Its Office and Leaves the Building – Jonathan Leeman imagines a public square with no Christianity.

T4G ’14 Debrief – Thabiti Anyabwile reflects on the recent Together for the Gospel conference. I must wholeheartedly agree with him on points 2-5.

When Marriage is Hard – Courtney Reissig: “This is what we cling to when marriage is hard. Day by day we trust the one who accomplished salvation for us. We lean hard on his grace and beg him for new mercies with the rising of the morning sun. We remain steadfast when we face temptation, accusations, and lies from the culture that tells us it is better to give up than to press on in this institution called marriage. Marriage is hard. Our vows get tested every day. But we serve a faithful God who promises us that his vow to us will enable us to keep our vow to our spouses, even to the very end.”

It’s Back–The “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” and the State of Modern Scholarship – Al Mohler: “So much of what is presented as modern biblical and theological scholarship is an effort to destroy the very idea of orthodox Christianity and to erase all distinctions between orthodoxy and heresy. That is why so much attention is devoted to marginal issues of scholarship like this tiny fragment of papyrus. The “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” tells us nothing about Jesus and very little, if anything, about early Christianity. It tells us a great deal about modern scholarship, however — and that is the real message of this controversy.”

Same-Sex Marriage and the Future – Russell Moore: “When it comes to what people want to hear, it seems to me that the church faces a similar situation as we look to the future of marriage in this country. Many want the sort of prophetic witness that will spin the situation to look favorable, regardless of whether that favor is from the Lord or in touch with reality.”

Spy Wednesday – Holy Week meditations continue with David Mathis meditating on Jesus’ love in silence.

Had the redemption of the world depended on the diligence of the disciples (or even their staying awake) it would never have been accomplished –Donald Macleod


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