Morning Mashup 03/11


Idealogical Moralism and Gospel Grace – Derek Rishmawy: “Moralism—secular or “religious”—can only lead to demonizing the enemy. And only the gospel of grace can lead us to the true benevolence that moralism fumblingly strives toward.”

Four Kinds of Churches Worth Leaving – John Knight is incredibly poignant in this sobering blog post on the characteristics of churches that need to be avoided.

What is the Proper Response to God’s Grace? – An excerpt from Derek Thomas’ helpful book “How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home.”

North Korea to Execute 33 Christians – “Reports coming out of North Korea reveal that 33 Christians have been sentenced to death for working with Kim Jung Wook, a Baptist missionary from South Korea who was arrested in North Korea last year.” Learn more about this heart-breaking situation and how to pray for these Christians.

Frozen My Way – “To what extent should the individual enjoy the freedom to live as the ‘master of my fate and captain of my soul’; not just in the stoic acceptance of suffering but as the motto of life’s action. To what extent is life doing it “My Way”, or as the new Academy Award song would have it “let it go… no right, no wrong, no rules for me. I’m free”?”

“O let thy blessed sacrifice be mine/And sanctify this altar to be thine.” — George Herbert


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