Morning Mashup 02/07


10 Reasons to Know a Little Bit of Church History – This will serve as a refresher to all my fellow Church History II students, as well as any and every Christian.

Why John Piper Strives for Ethnic Unity – His answer is theologically, biblically, historically, and practically grounded. We would all do well to learn from his example and join him in the fight.

Leaving the Church Means Leaving Christ – It is an argument like this that nails the coffin shut on Donald Miller’s view of the church. Absolutely excellent piece from Denny Burk. “We are not playing games here. Leaving the church means leaving Christ. And that is true no matter who you are or what your learning style is.”

Olympics: Engage Sochi Ready to Launch – Will Baptists have an impact on the winter Olympics in Sochi? Co-director of the ‘Engage Sochi” initiative has some answers.

Nobody Gets the Church They Want – “You may not bring a checklist and clipboard when you show up at church, but we all bring a want-list. Maybe you want a certain kind of music, a certain experience in worship. Maybe you want a preacher who can dive a mile deep into two verses in Romans. Maybe you want charismatic, extroverted leaders who can connect with anyone and always know what to say. Whatever might be on your list, I can guarantee this: not everything on your list is on God’s.”

Don’t Pray Like a Pagan – An excellent lesson on prayer from R.C. Sproul.

When Distractions Keep Us From Our Kids – Here’s one for the moms (and dads) out there. Christina Fox writes, “No doubt, technology provides many benefits to our lives. But we can’t be naïve to the consequences, including primarily its impact on our in-person relationships. It entices us away from face-to-face contact and real authentic connections.”

$5 Friday – More books and resources from Ligonier Ministries on sale today. Be sure to check them out.

When a Christian lives with eternity in mind, shaping life in view of it, death truly does lose its sting. –Owen Strachan


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