Morning Mashup 02/06


God Threw A Stone – Tullian Tchividijian: “Though no one on earth can throw the first stone, God can. And he did. The wonder of all wonders is that the rock of condemnation that we justly deserved was hurled by the Father onto the Son. The law-maker became the law-keeper and died for us, the law-breakers.”

John Piper: The Infographic – If you are interested in some basic information about John Piper, this is a creative method for you to get to know this theological juggernaut a little more. So far in my Christian life, no single figure has had more influence on my faith, theology, and ministry concepts than Piper.

How Churches Can Evangelize Their Neighbors – Many helpful thoughts on an important concern of many churches. “[M]ake sure your members understand that, while it’s always good to love our neighbors and build relationships with them for a number of reasons, we love them best by sharing the good news with them. And when gospel conversations do happen, engage the whole church in praying that they would bear fruit and that the Lord would use them to save your neighbors.”

The Merciful Gift of Desperation – Jon Bloom: “Heavenly Father, do whatever it takes to keep us desperate for you so that the deceitfulness of sin does not harden our hearts (Hebrews 3:13). And grant to our suffering brothers and sisters the mercy of sustaining grace. Keep us all faithful by strengthening our faith. And help us to keep praying for each other. In Jesus’s name, amen.”

In Christ, Our Suffering Is Not In Vain – “Jesus suffered for us. Yet we are called to participate in His suffering. Though He was uniquely the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy, there is still an application of this vocation for us. We are given both the duty and the privilege to participate in the suffering of Christ.”

Dear Donald Miller – Many have responded to Donald Miller’s post in which he says he doesn’t go to church, but worships God in other forms. This response from Jonathan Leeman may be the best. You will enjoy reading this winsome correction.

We Christians press on because we know that there is laid up for us in God’s presence an inheritance beyond anything we could ever imagine. –Greg Gilbert


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