Morning Mashup 01/18


How Is God Working in the World? Understanding Miracles and Providence – Justin Holcomb: “The pages of the Bible are filled with miraculous acts of God, and those who believe in the trustworthiness of Scripture surely believe in miracles. Yet today, when someone claims to have witnessed a miracle, even evangelical Christians tend to chuckle inside, perhaps attributing the “miracle” to an overactive imagination or the advancements of modern science. We are faced with a difficult paradox: on the one hand, we long for miraculous signs and wonders like those in Scripture, but often when we see or hear of events worthy of being called “miraculous” we struggle to overcome our modern skepticism. Has God ceased to work in the world the way he did in biblical times?”

In Praise of Fat Pastors – Jared Wilson: “In the age of Pastor Fashion and sermons forbidding the eating of pork in service of the gospel of weight loss — I mean, does anything scream “Judaizer” more loudly than preaching the dietary law? except maybe actually preaching circumcision — don’t the pastors who don’t care about their image, their profile, their reputation seem more dignified?”

Do I Have to be a Member of a Local Church to Follow Christ? – Daniel Montgomery: “In reality, Christians who think they’ve made no commitments, who believe themselves free, are slaves to the worst kind of obligation: commitment to self. All of our personal histories should be enough to convince us that the First Christian Church of Me is a lousy place for accountability, encouragement, and support.”

John Calvin on Sleeping in Church – The title itself does enough bidding.

Abortion Meets a New Generation – “Progressive evangelicals can’t tout social justice while side-stepping the sanctity of life.”

God Is Finishing His Mission Now – Let this article from John Piper fill your heart with joy and enflame your soul to praise.

Virtue is cultivated through storytelling. –Jim Scott Orrick


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