Morning Mashup 01/16


Evolution is Most Certainly a Matter of Belief–And So Is Christianity – Mohler: “There can be no doubt that evolution can be squared with belief in some deity, but not the God who revealed himself in the Bible, including the first chapters of Genesis.”

5 Facts About Abortion in America – In preparation for Sanctity of Life Sunday, Joe Carter gives five facts about abortion in America.

Well Known Stories Trip Us Up – In teaching children every week, I know this to be true. Sunday School curriculum and resources so often misrepresent the text.

Moody Radio to Launch New Program with David Platt – “We’re excited to announce that Moody Radio will be launching Radical with David Platt, a new 24-minute daily teaching program featuring Pastor David’s teaching. The program is set to air this spring, so stay tuned to a Moody radio station near you for more details.”

Money: An Instrument for Blessing, Not an Indicator of it – From the 9Marks blog comes a post contrasting the prosperity gospel with a true and biblical understanding of money.

There is no competition between God’s passion to be glorified and our passion to be satisfied, because they are one. –John Piper