Morning Mashup 01/15


5 Practical Steps for Parents in Resisting Over-Scheduling – Part 3 in an important three-part series for parents in this busy culture that we infuse our children into.

Singleness and Handling a Trivial Pursuit – “Christ didn’t pursue his Bride detachedly, opting for non-committal ease. He gave all to ransom her, humbling himself in boundless devotion. And as young (but getting older) women who are the recipients of this kind of love from the Son of God, we should be looking for men who, having received that same kind of love, are ready to give it. Anything less is futile. But what does this look like?”

Mortifying the Fear of Academic Books – Reading academic books is not the same as reading other books. Jared Oliphint lifts some fears that so many of us take with us as we crack open an academic book.

The Idol Behind Same-Sex Desires – “[T]he ‘win’ for me, and for everyone who struggles with same-sex desires, is a greater love for Christ, and to have a deeper knowledge of the all-sufficiency of his grace. There is a prize greater than heterosexuality — a greater Bread — in the holy One who is what we are not or cannot be, in whom is found our ultimate and eternal satisfaction.”

A Theological Toolbox – The motivation for all of my “Morning Mashup” posts, Tim Challies, writes about a couple tools he has in his theological toolbox. As usual, Challies is helpful.

A Massacre in Bethlehem – The horror of Herod’s decree and the glory of God in the protection of his Son amidst terrible suffering. An excellent post from Mitch Chase.

The primary task of the Church and of the Christian minister is the preaching of the Word of God. –D. Martyn Lloyd Jones