Morning Mashup 01/14


Can My Church Have a Pastoral Internship With No Money or Resources? – Brian Croft answers Yes to this question that I assume many pastors and churches have just brushed to the side. As a young guy preparing for ministry, I will tell you that Croft nails it in this article.

What’s the Best Way to Find Men and Women to Train for Ministry? – Mez McConnell is concerned with the shortage of biblically qualified men and women entering into vocational ministry. He writes, “The local church is the solution. Those of us who are in leadership bear the weight of responsibility for recruiting and training the next generation of Christian leaders. Here are some ways we can act now.”

One of the Most Significant Days in Church History – Thabiti Anyabwile, a former Muslim, discusses the birth of Mohammed and his impact on the church.

Missions: Rescuing from Hell and Renewing the World – Piper: “‘Conversionary Protestants’ changed the world, because they didn’t focus first on changing the world, but on faith in Christ.”

Busy All the Time: Over-Scheduled Children and the Freedom of the Gospel – For busy parents and even busier children.

Russell Moore on Dating – Is it important to know a person’s sexual history before making them your spouse?

[Modern man] has tried to build a system out from himself, but this system has come to the place where there is not room in the universe for man. –Francis Schaeffer


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