Morning Mashup 01/07


Is Recreational Marijuana Use a Sin? – Joe Carter: “Americans across the nation are beginning to examine questions related to the use of marijuana. For Christians, one of the most pertinent questions is whether the recreational use of marijuana is sinful.”

Book Review: Break Out!, by Joel Osteen – “In Break Out!, God is not glorious in majesty; he is your personal genie and your voice inside. The real power belongs to you. When you speak, things happen. When you believe, things come true. Osteen’s twisting of Scripture to encourage and inspire greatness comes at a great cost, the cost of truth. The truth is, I cannot be my best. If I cannot be my best, and therefore do my part, what hope can I have that God will do his part?”

Actively Engaged in the Abortion Battle – “A pastor’s plea to not sit on the sidelines and hope this horrific genocide of the unborn works itself out.” Do not miss this article!

Possible Reasons Why Churches Don’t Pursue Being Crosscultural – Sad, but true reasons.

The Folly of Men Arming Women for Combat – John Piper: “Here we go again — more fallout from the male cowardice that won’t stand up to the politically correct shamers, but instead countenances arming our women for frontline combat.”

How to Love God by Loving His Word – “Because the Word is the means that God uses to speak to us, we need to love it and use it.”

Video: A Short History of Student Missions – This is a short animated video that was shown at the Cross Conference.

[The] sovereign Lord, so utterly powerful, so amazingly surprising, is personally engaged in the redemption of his broken, rebellious, image bearers. –D.A. Carson


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