Morning Mashup 01/06


Does Definite Atonement Undermine our Zeal for Evangelism? – A common caricature of Calvinism is that those who adhere to its five point soteriological system are lax in evangelism and missions. The accusation is that since Calvinists believe God is utterly sovereign over all things, salvation included, then sharing the gospel is futile since God has already determined who he would save and who he would not. Jonathan Gibson sets the record straight in this short article.

The Humanities Have Forgotten Their Humanity – “In 2011, the University of California at Los Angeles wrecked its English major. Such a development may seem insignificant, compared with, say, the federal takeover of health care. It is not. What happened at UCLA is part of a momentous shift that bears on our relationship to the past—and to civilization itself.”

6 Ways to Look Godly Without Growing Your Faith in 2014 – Sobering, convicting, and challenging article. I hope to work on these very things in 2014.

An Oh-So-Subtle Twist – An article on the Duck Dynasty controversy you simply must read. “I’ve been mulling over one phenomenon I couldn’t help but notice throughout the controversy, something that has been slightly bothering me.”

A Deeper Look at What the Bible Says About Love – This is an absolutely outstanding article from Alex Duke on a very important biblical issue central both to the faith and cultural discussion. He writes, “The Bible says a lot about love, but most of all, it raises our expectations and subverts our paradigms. It points to an ocean while the world’s busy playing in a puddle.”

Hearing God in the Midst of Suicidal Thoughts – A very important post to read and pass along. I pray you do both.

CROSS – All of the main sessions from the recent Cross Conference. Each of these messages is rich and worth the time to check them out. Piper, Platt, DeYoung, Anyabwile, Chandler, and others unpack the glory of God in missions.

NFL Playoffs – Indy, San Diego, New Orleans, and San Fran all survive and advance. Scores, stats, and highlights from this weekend’s action are all here.

Missions exists because worship doesn’t. –John Piper


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