Morning Mashup 12/20


Robertson Family Official Statement – I exhausted myself yesterday reading all of the hoopla over the Phil Robertson controversy. When things like this happen there are countless bloggers and leaders who offer thoughts on the issue. However, all that really matters is the statements that come from the parties involved in the controversy. Here is the Robertson statement, which is both firm and unwavering.

Re: Mark Driscoll – This is one of the best things I have read on the web in a while. I have been thinking these very thoughts about Driscoll for some time now and I am so glad that someone finally addressed him in this way. And Jared Wilson offers the most gracious rebuke I have ever personally read. It led me to pray for Driscoll immediately. I am thankful for Wilson’s ministry.

Duck Dynasty and Happy Blacks – Jemar Tisby writes on the portion of Phil Robertson’s GQ interview that has sadly been overlooked and ignored. I was disappointed in this quote from Robertson and am glad that Tisby addressed this issue. Tisby: “The problem in a segregated society, then and now,  is that our perceptions tend only to reflect our particular realities.  We have little exposure to the realities of others, including an awareness of their hardships.”

Rise of a Parallel, Post-Biblical Christianity – Grant Retief (9Marks): “A churched nation is not the same thing as a “gospeled” nation, and the massive growth of the so-called prosperity gospel in South Africa suggests that my generation may be observing the rise of “parallel Christianity,” a Christianity that is effectively post-Bible.”

The Greatest Blessing Mary Received – Why does Jesus demand our attention over and against Mary? Because, according to Jon Bloom, “the greatest blessing Mary received was that her Child saved her from her damning sins (Matthew 1:21) so that he could bring her to God (1 Peter 3:18) — the same blessing that is given to everyone who believes in him (John 3:16).”

$5 Friday – “This week’s resources cover such topics as the cross, the Holy Spirit, church history, God’s holiness, salvation, parables, the Reformation, and more.”

The key that unlocks the treasure chest of God’s peace is faith in the promises of God. –John Piper


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