Morning Mashup 12/5


The Radical Christian Approach to Poverty and Riches – Greg Forster: “As income disparities rise in the modern economy, it is becoming harder to maintain love and harmony between rich and poor. Paternalistic arrogance seems to be growing among the wealthy, and resentful envy seems to be growing among the poor.”

New Music Project Helps Kids Learn Theology – I love teaching theology, especially to kids. I love coming across new, engaging, and helpful ways to teach theology to children. This resource has the promise of infusing theological truth into the hearts and minds of children.

This is What Abortion Looks Like When it Doesn’t Work – “Melissa Ohden survived something few do–an abortion. Let her powerful story remind you to fight, pray and pursue the protection of life in and out of the womb.”

Biblical Encouragement for Overwhelmed Parents – Parents, if you feel overwhelmed at the moment, this video is for you. Many helpful thoughts here.

Did Jesus Die to Save Everyone? – Matt Smethurst interviews the editors of the newly released book entitled From Heaven He Came and Sought Her: Definite Atonement in Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral PerspectiveSmethurst asks about “4-pointers,” evangelism, whether they oversell their case, and more.

Violating Children’s Dignity in the Age of Social Media – Interesting article on how many parents may be robbing their children by overprotecting them.

For us who believe, death becomes a gateway to paradise; suffering becomes a pathway to holiness; and sin becomes a dethroned enemy that we fight by the power of God’s Spirit. –John Piper



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