Morning Mashup 11/26


Does Your Facebook Rant ‘Honor Everyone?’ – If you are a “Facebook-ranter,” this is for you. Trevin Wax writes, “Sometimes, evangelical Christians do more harm than good on Facebook. Under the veil of “taking a stand” for our values, I fear we are letting loose all kinds of dishonoring, uncharitable speech. We need to stop.”

If the Top Men Take Over, Who Will Ask the Hard Questions? – In light of Pastor Mark Driscoll’s debacle on the Janet Mefferd Show, Carl Trueman speaks piercing truth into the heart of the dangers of celebrity pastors like Driscoll. Be sure to read this article, especially if your are familiar with Driscoll or consider yourself a follower of his.

Are Books Your Shell Collection? – Jesus said that we should not store up treasure on earth, but rather lay up treasure in heaven. We usually view things like homes, cars, and other luxuries. This article is so helpful for well-meaning Christians who are treasuring their books over Jesus. I love to read and this is such a temptation for me. With Christmas on the way, this was a timely read for me. I pray it blesses you as well.

Is God an Egotistical Maniac? – The title itself drew me in and I anticipated where the author was going with this. Reformed evangelicals are quick to posit that God does everything ultimately for his own glory or to the praise of the glory of his grace (see Eph. 1). Doesn’t this sound a tad bit egotistical?  Unbelievers use this very thought as reason for not believing in God. So, is God just some crazed ego-maniac? Michael Patton helps us think through this issue.

12 Tips for Keeping it Clean in Your Dating Relationship – I enjoy reading Derek Rishmawy’s blog posts and this one is especially helpful for those who are dating. I wish I had read this when my wife and I were dating in high school. Keep it clean, folks!

Changing Pace, Face of Franchise – Switching gears, all NBA fans are saddened at the news of Derrick Rose injuring his other knee. It is disheartening and Bulls fan Michael Wilbon shares the pain of the fan base. This column by Wilbon will more than likely prove prophetic in the coming months and years. And though it is difficult to come to terms with, the thoughts in this column are right on the money. Derrick Rose will never be the same again and the face of the Chicago Bulls will undoubtedly have to change.

NFL Week 12 Scores – All scores and highlights from Week 12 NFL action.

[H]owever Thou dealest with me, only help me to continue to be perfectly satisfied with Thy holy will. —George Mueller



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