Morning Mashup 11/25


7 Ways for Christians to Love Their Neighbors Even When We Disagree – Pastor Mark Driscoll writes this post for Fox News as he reflects on the recent Pride Parade in Seattle. He gives seven helpful ways to love those we disagree with, while avoiding two dangerous ditches–not calling sin, sin, and waging culture wars while ignoring evangelism.

Inerrant Text Does Not Equal Inerrant Interpretation – An important article on the inerrancy of Scripture and how Christians should approach the Bible. Derek Rishmawy writes, “[T]he higher a view of the text you affirm, the more it should lead to real struggling with the text, given that you think it’s the truth of God somehow.”

More Than Just Raking – David Mathis writes on the joy of digging for diamonds in Bible study. We need to strive for both depth and breadth when we study the Bible. Mathis says it well, “Without raking, we won’t have enough sense of the landscape to dig in the right places. And without digging, and making sure the banner of our theology is securely tethered to specific biblical sentences and paragraphs, our resources will soon dry up for feeding our souls with various textures and tastes.”

Brothers, We Are Not CEOs – Philip Duncanson from The Front Porch writes about the balance pastors need when it comes to social issues. He warns of the dangers of the “social gospel,” and though this is directed at primarily black churches, all pastors can learn from this warning from Duncanson.

Gratitude: It’s More Than a Feeling – Dan Darling discusses how the themes of Thanksgiving are “central to the gospel narrative.” He writes, “Gratitude is a sentiment at the heart of redemption. For it was ingratitude, we are told, that was the match that lit the sin fuse that plunged the world into darkness and evil.” This is a very helpful article in thinking about Thanksgiving this week.

During the Holidays, My Hope Comes from the Lord – While this time of year is usually filled with joy and laughter, these are often coupled with sorrow and tears. For those of us who have lost loved ones, the gathering of family only highlights their absence. If this is you (and this is me), this article will be a grace to you. Per usual, Trillia Newbell is highly poignant and practical.

[The sovereignty of God] is the rock that rises for us out of the flood of uncertainty and confusion. It is the eye of the hurricane where we stand with God and look up into the blue sky of his mastery when everything is being destroyed. —John Piper




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