Morning Mashup 11/21


Christian Christmas Grinches – As a Christian it matters less whether you observe Christmas traditions (i.e. Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees, gift giving, etc.) or not, and more how you treat others this season. Kevin DeYoung warns against being a Grinch this Christmas.

Exult in the Saviour’s Birth – Check out this new song written by Matt Boswell and D.A. Carson. The goal of this song this Advent season is to “communicate unchanging gospel truths with fresh words and song.”

An Alternative Script for Same-Sex Attraction – An M.Div student at Bethlehem College and Seminary writes a very honest and compelling piece on how the church should view and deal with the issue of same-sex attraction. “What the church needs is an alternative script. And it must be a holistic script that accounts for the real emotions and desires of those with SSA. We can’t live a life of only saying, ‘No!’ to our desires. We need to be able to say ‘Yes!’ to something greater, something better.”

The Word of God: How Does it Work in My Life? – Daniel Hyde gives three biblical ways the Bible works in the lives of believers.

Kindle Deals – Here are two works that you will not want to miss:  Live Like A Narnian by Joe Rigney ($2.99); Worship by the Book by D.A. Carson ($2.99).

Moving from Laziness to Diligence – This article examines laziness and gives solutions for overcoming it.

Ted Turner Does Not Want to Go to Hell – In this multifaceted CNN piece, Ted Turner talks about being more reflective on morality and about not wanting to go to hell. It is clear that eternity is on his mind, which makes sense (Ecc. 3:11).

Redemption when we seek it, is in his passion found; acquittal-in his condemnation lies; and freedom from the curse-in his own cross is given. —John Calvin


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