Morning Mashup 11/19


Why You Can’t Push Your Kids into the Kingdom – Daniel Darling, Vice President for Communications at ERLC, writes an important piece for parents: “Children are a divine stewardship. They are not for us to own, but for us to love, carefully guide, and then release to God’s provident care. We cannot pressure, bully or force them into faith.”

The Value of Long-Term Struggle – This was a personally very helpful for me. “Thorns hurt. They are not pleasant. They don’t get easier. They remain an agent in our lives that makes us weak. But I love God’s supernatural ability to transform the worst that Satan throws our way into the very things that accomplish His gospel purposes through us.”

Don’t Raise Good Kids – This is not your expected or typical “word from the wise,” but it is perfectly in sync with the biblical message of sin and salvation. Jon Bloom writes that he is a recovering “good kid,” and calls parents to grasp and teach the doctrine of total depravity to avoid instilling “evil goodness” in their children.

5 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Church – Thabiti Anyabwile is very helpful here if you are considering leaving your church.

5 Things Mistaken for Evangelism – Mark Dever is concerned that many people in the church take things to be evangelism that simply are not. He offers five of these things here.

Kindle Deals – God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment by Jim Hamilton ($6.99); Recovering Classic Evangelicalism by Gregory Alan Thornbury ($4.99); Why We Belong ($9.99); Can You Believe It’s True? by John Feinburg ($9.99). How People Change by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp is free. Gospel Commission by Michael Horton ($3.99). [HT: Challies]

 Our personal life is a finite thing: it is limited in every direction, in space, in time, in knowledge, in power. But God is not so limited. –J.I. Packer



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