Morning Mashup 11/18


Gospel-Centered Sex? – This is a lengthy article, but it is worth reading to the end. Can gospel implications be applied to the marriage bed? This blogger answers with a resounding Yes!

How to Experience Scripture with Your Students – David Plant (youth ministries director, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC): “As John Frame has said, ‘God’s written word has the same power, authority, and divinity as the divine voice from heaven and the word of the prophets and the apostles.’ In light of this glorious definition, youth pastors have everything to gain, for ourselves and our young friends, when we open up God’s Word as a community and experience the glory of Jesus.”

The Human Dilemma – “The “New” Gospel is one that worries not about sin. It feels no great need for justification. It readily dismisses the imputation of Christ’s righteousness as an essential need for salvation. We have substituted the “unconditional love” of God for the imputation of the righteousness of Christ. If God loves us all unconditionally, who needs the righteousness of Christ?”

Praise: The Consummation of Joy – Read how Sam Storms’ understanding of worship was radically transformed by reading C.S. Lewis.

Why a Perfectly Trustworthy God Took an Oath – Burnette: “Requiring an oath may make sense for the unfaithful sons of Adam, but what about the God for whom it is “impossible” to lie? (18) Why would he take an oath?”

You Can’t Catch Sin – “Sometimes, in our zeal to maintain our own purity and holiness, we conscientiously avoid spending time with people engaged in sexual immorality.”

Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully. —Phillips Brooks



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