Morning Mashup 11/15


What I Love About the People in Prosperity Gospel Churches – It is so easy to fall from hating an idea to hating a person. The best way to combat false teachings like the “prosperity gospel” is to despise this teaching with all of our being while loving the people who are under the spell of this teaching just as fervently. Thabiti Anyabwile writes a very helpful article highlighting a few things he loves about people in “prosperity gospel” churches.

7 Questions to Help You Spot Concealed Covetousness – “Covetousness is when your desire for something eclipses your desire for God.  You want something more than you want Him.” Here are seven self-evaluation questions to help you seek out covetousness that you have hidden in your life. Has your desire for good things become covetousness?

Global Gospel Generosity with Lausannes New CEO – Michael Oh is the new CEO of the Lausanne Movement. He believes, “By an unleashing of generosity, we can double the number of missionaries in the world to effectively target 6,600 unreached peoples of the world.” Oh calls for more radically sacrificial senders in this video interview.

When the Sex Should Stop – Sex should stop in marriage sometimes. Jonathan Parnell writes, “Speaking specifically to men, sometimes the best way you can serve your wife sexually is by not seeking it. Sometimes the abstinence route is the masculine thing to do. In these cases, choosing to abstain from sexual intimacy for the good of your wife is the “glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility”

Books! Books! Books! – John Frame’s  Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief ($25.00); John Piper’s Five Points: Towards a Deeper Experience of God’s Grace ($4.50); and the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible ($20.00) are half-off at Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore.

4 John Piper Books for $27 – This is an awesome deal. John Piper’s God is the GospelA Hunger for GodFinally Alive, and his newest book Five Points are on sale as a bundle for merely $27 (53% off).

$5 Friday – This Friday there are some excellent deals including books by R.C. Sproul on a critique of Catholicism and by Steven Lawson on Martin Luther. Other helpful resources are included as well, as each deal is merely five dollars.

The heaven I desired was a heaven of holiness, to be with God and to spend eternity in holy communion with Christ. –Jonathan Edwards



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