Morning Mashup 11/14


The Dress-Code Distraction in the Church and Denomination – David Tarkington, pastor of First Baptist Church of Orange Park in Florida speaks out against the issue of dress in the church and in the Southern Baptist Convention. He writes that this is still a big issue that has the potential to “derail” Gospel work in Florida (and by extension everywhere).

God’s Providence in the Steps of Life – Ruth Anne Irvin writes on God’s providence in the life of David Sills who serves in various positions (A.P. and Faye Stone Professor of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology (2003); Director of Intercultural Programs; Director of the Doctor of Missiology Program; Director of the 2+ International Church Planting Program; Director of the MATSIL Degree Program). Learn about God’s providence in the Sills’ family and reflect on his providence in your own life. “The Sills’ plans weren’t God’s plans. And many seminarians, missionaries and pastors — in Ecuador and Louisville — may thank the Lord for the providential circumstances and events that brought Sills where he is today.”

How Much Theology Should Couples Agree On Before They Get Married? – Oh, this is such an overlooked and important question. It is easy for couples to lose their heads and hearts when they are thinking about getting married. Emotions can takeover. Usually what gets overlooked is the most important thing. Who you marry becomes your life-partner in the faith. Derek Rishmawy gives some helpful thoughts here and gives a special word to Reformed guys that I will definitely be using when I counsel. Rishmawy writes, “Your future bride is not a notch to add on your theological belt but your sister in Christ with a mind of her own, given by her heavenly Father to be used properly, just like yours.” Of course, I have already found my beautifully Reformed diamond in the rough. 🙂 However, she would be just as beautiful and precious if she were not Reformed.

7 Ways to Help Typhoon Victims in the Philippines – If you want to help those suffering in the Philippines from the recent typhoon, Brian Howard provides seven organizations that you can help through.

Only God Can Judge Me? – Trip Lee writes on a very important topic. People say, “Only God can judge me” all the time. Jesus said, “Judge not, that you be not judged” (Matt. 7:1). What did he mean by this? More importantly, what didn’t he mean by this? Trip Lee gives some very insightful and convicting thoughts for your consideration.

3 Ways Christ Can Be Outside Your Church – This is a sobering post and hopefully a wake-up call to many pastors and churches. Christ can be outside your local church. Colin Smith shows you three ways this can be so.

The Sermon You Preach in Your Sleep – David Murray gives a brief and helpful theology of sleep. If you pride yourself on only getting five hours of sleep a night, Murray shows you what you preach through this. Highly convicting.

Homesick Blues – Christian, may we ever sing the homesick blues while we live in this world.

O Lord God, which hast left unto us Thy holy Word to be a lantern unto our feet, and a light unto our steps, give unto us all Thy Holy Spirit, that out of the same Word we may learn what is Thy eternal will, and frame our lives in all holy obedience to the same, to Thy honor and glory, and increase of our faith, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. –Edward Dering


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