Morning Mashup 11/13


Osteen Keeps Using God’s Bandwidth – Erik Raymond noticed that some students were using the bandwidth from his wi-fi signal. He believes that Joel Osteen is doing a very similar thing with God’s “bandwidth.” He writes, “He just kind of hangs out on the stoop of Christianity with his God-talk giving hat-tips to Jesus and a Bible story every now and then. But you know what? He is dragging down our bandwith. He is convoluting the message. He is hindering communication.”

Why We Click Stupid Links – Tony Reinke: “Much is at stake with mouse or mobile device in hand. On this day — Augustine’s birthday — may God give us his spiritual wherewithal to not brush aside such important questions in the seemingly mundane of our daily lives.”

How Do You Teach the Gospel to Kids: 3 Things to Consider – Teaching the gospel to children is vitally important. And as with any form of gospel proclamation or evangelism, cultural context is important to consider. Children are a cultural context all on their own! Trevin Wax offers three helpful things to consider when teaching the gospel to children.

5 Reasons to Not Give Up on the Marriage Debate – Though Kevin DeYoung often feels pessimistic about the future of traditional marriage in the West, there are those days when he still clings to hope. He gives five reasons why we should all cling to hope for the future of traditional marriage in America.

North Korea Publicly Executes 80 for Crimes Like Watching Films, Owning Bible – The description of how eight of the eighty were killed is disturbing to say the least: “Eight people — their heads covered with white bags — were tied to stakes at a local stadium in the city of Wonsan, before authorities shot them with a machine gun, according to the source. Wonsan authorities gathered a crowd of 10,000 people, including children, at Shinpoong Stadium and forced them to watch the killings.”

Don’t Be a Hater – David Platt sits down for an interview and discusses the “epitome of hate.” You might (or might not) be surprised at what he describes is one of the most hateful things you can do to someone.

The Big Story – This new issue of Credo Magazine focuses on the importance of biblical theology for every believer. A few big guns, among others, that contributed to this issue include, Jim Hamilton, Justin Taylor, David Murray,  T. Desmond Alexander, Stephen Wellum, Peter Gentry, and G. K. Beale.

Where charity is not, justice cannot be. –Augustine




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