Morning Mashup 11/6


The Myth of Magic Neutral Time – Derek Rishmawy writes on a very important topic for the church and for high school/college Christians in particular. He shows how “idiotic” the ideology of “taking a break from the faith” really is.

4 Reasons to Teach the Bible’s Storyline – Trevin Wax gives us four good reasons for teaching the storyline of the Bible in order for Christians to connect the dots of the Bible’s grand narrative.

10 Errors to Avoid When Talking About Sanctification and the Gospel – Kevin DeYoung explains what we should not believe and say about sanctification. This is a very helpful article to get you thinking (correctly…or, not incorrectly) about this doctrine.

91 New Theses Opposing Modern Heresy – This writer noticed how Martin Luther’s 95 Theses eerily applied to the heresy of the “prosperity gospel” and compiled a list of new theses that oppose this treacherous heresy.

3 Signs That Worship Wars May Be Ending – We all rejoice when wars in. In the church, we should rejoice all the more when unnecessary and truly silly wars end. Worship wars have plagued many churches for as long as I can remember. They have been a dark mark on the church in the 21st century. However, Thom Rainer sees the light. He gives three hopeful reasons for why this worship wars may be coming to an end.

What Does ‘Amen’ Mean? – Don’t act like you have never asked yourself this question before. R.C. Sproul gives a poignant and helpful answer for us.

The Gospel for Obamacare’s Victims – David Murray writes an insightful piece on the unique opportunity the church has in light of the already realized and anticipated future failure of Obamacare. He gives a helpful perspective to this issue.

His decree determines what shall be done…For there is nothing higher than his will –William Perkins



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