Morning Mashup 11/5


John MacArthur Answers His Critics – After coming under much fire (pun intended) recently for his Strange Fire Conference and book with the same title coming out next week, John MacArthur gave a two-part interview with Tim Challies to answer some questions that many of us have been asking. This is part one of that interview.

How to Help Your Leaders and Teachers Understand Gospel-Centrality – In the church we often expect much of our teachers and leaders without giving them the knowledge and ability to carry out certain tasks. One such task is teaching the Bible with a gospel-centered focus. Trevin Wax has produced a resource designed to bridge this gap in Christian education and discipleship in the church.

Is America Less Moralistic Now? – Many people would answer this question in the affirmative. However, it seems that morality is still the guiding principle in American policy. What has changed is the “code” of morality. Liberals and conservatives differ in what we consider to be moral and immoral.  provides some perspective.

A Better Country for Old Men – When men come to the place of retirement from work, often they retire from other demanding areas in life as well–the church included. David Mathis sounds a plea from the younger generation to the older with the words, “We need you!” In this article, Mathis expresses what it is that the younger generation and the church at large needs from the older generation.

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know – “Do you have a place in the Bible that you return to for particular gospel encouragement? Is there a Scripture that is so versatile that it is able to meet and greet you in every one of life’s events?” Erik Raymond expounds on his favorite “corner” of the Bible that keeps him steady.

Why Did God Command the Children of Israel to Kill Every Man, Woman, and Child in the Promised Land? – R.C. Sproul Jr. takes up one of the more difficult questions many non-Christians and Christians alike have asked. His answer is sobering.

10 Love Challenges – David Murray gives a very practical list of ten ways you can love someone today or this week. Take the ten love challenge!

If there were infinite worlds made of creatures loving, they would not have so much love in them as was in the heart of that man Christ Jesus. –Thomas Goodwin




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