An Honest Movie Trailer of ‘Thor’

If you know me, you know I am the biggest Marvel-superhero-action-packed-duuuude movie hater of all time. I literally watched The Avengers with my brother just to make fun of it. No offense to anyone who likes these movies, but they are just so overboard action-packed that I can’t take them seriously. Maybe I’m just too lame to be entertained by them. Either way, superhero movies just aren’t my cup of tea.

So, after a long day, when I am exhausted, this video was a God-sent means of grace. I laughed ’til cried watching this. This is exactly how I would describe ‘Thorif I was creative that is. If you’re tired like me tonight, sit back, watch this, and just laugh.

“Prepare for a film that only exists so non-nerds will recognize the blonde guy in The Avengers.”

[HT: 22 Words]


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