Morning Mashup: Halloween Special


9 Things You Should Know About Halloween and Reformation Day – Joe Carter and, you guessed it, nine things that you should know about today.

Justification By Faith Alone Is Still the Issue – “We still need the Biblical truths of the Reformation. And the central issue is still justification by faith alone.”

What is Reformation Day All About? – Robert Rothwell with Ligonier Ministries asks and answers the question, “But what is the significance of Reformation Day, and how should we consider the events it commemorates?”

What Christians Should Know About Halloween – Justin Holcomb engages a day that Christians in recent history have not known what to do with. He writes, “Halloween is an opportunity to mock the enemy whose power over us has been broken.”

The Gospel of Ghoul – Timothy George on the gospel and our culture’s fascination with hell and the afterlife.

Flight or Fright: How to Redeem Halloween – A helpful discussion on what Christians should do with Halloween.

The Reformation: Trick or Treat – David Mathis: “Reformation Day is a reminder to embrace the “accidents” in our lives, look for the hand of providence, and trust that his plans for us are better than our wildest dreams.”

When Jesus Haunts Your Halloween – David Mathis: “When Jesus haunts our Halloween, we remember that the forces of evil, which we can be so prone to fear, are actually terrified of Jesus. Everyday is a spook for the devil and his demons, and Jesus does the haunting. The decisive blow has been dealt, and soon we will land the final punch.”

John Piper’s Thoughts on Halloween – This AskPastorJohn episode from 2010 is still helpful today. If you are unsure on how to think about Halloween, maybe Pastor John can help.

The Stand that Saved My Soul – A Halloween night stand for Christ. Check out this story of an unforgettable Halloween night.

Luther and the Reformation – Excellent free resource from Ligonier Ministries on Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.

By his wrestling hand to hand with the devil’s power, with the dread of death, and with the pains of hell, Jesus Christ emerged victorious and triumphed over them, that in death we may not now fear those things which our Prince has swallowed up. –John Calvin



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