Morning Mashup 10/29


Review of ‘Strange Fire’ – John MacArthur’s new book ‘Strange Fire’ releases November 12, 2013 and it is already brewing up controversy in evangelical circles. Professor Tom Schreiner provides an honest review of this new book which challenges and criticizes the charismatic movements.

A World Away, the Seventh Game; Close at Hand, Condemned Nazis – This is one story you do not want to miss: “There cannot be a more direct facing of evil than to liberate a concentration camp and then, weeks later, minister to the very face of the concentration camp system.”

The Easier Path to Sermon Illustrations – I recently preached my first sermon and in preparation for it I struggled most with developing helpful illustrations. This was a helpful read.

The Perils Facing the Evangelical Church – Sproul: “When we consider the predicament that the evangelical church of the twenty-first century faces in America, the first thing we need to understand is the very designation ‘evangelical church’ is itself a redundancy.”

The Safe Place for Our Kids’ Shameful Questions – Children will ask “shameful” questions. What matters is where they are receiving their answers. Tim Challies writes, “More than ever, you need to open the channels of communication with your children so they know you are safer and wiser even than the search engines.”

If NBA Commentators Were British – If only…The NBA season is about to begin! As both an NBA and FIFA fan, I thought this video was absolutely hilarious.

[On the value of faithful Bible expositors] ‘Tis no wisdom for a dim-sighted man presently, to throw away his spectacles, though he be assured that within a while his eye-sight shall be cleared. –Joseph Caryl


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