Is Drinking Alcohol a Sin?

John Piper: “I’m a default teetotaler. And what that means is if I have my choice, I don’t drink alcohol, but I might, to be a good guest. . . . But I don’t think anybody can make a case from Scripture that teetotalism is required.”

This is a question that many Christians ask and there is a great deal of confusion over this issue. Debates over whether Christians should or should not drink alcohol are frequent, but often not biblically rooted. John Piper says “it could be” a sin to drink alcohol. He gives a sobering and biblical answer to this question that can sadly pit Christians against one another as either uncontrolled alcoholics or legalistic teetotalers (yes, I am exaggerating). He sets forth many helpful principles that help us to answer this question and teaches us how we should approach alcoholic drinks to the glory of God. Listen to this episode of AskPastorJohn to draw from John Piper’s position on this controversial topic.


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