Morning Mashup 9/25


The Down-to-Earth Gospel for Parenting – If you are a parent, then your kids are sinners. This is a statement that most parents like to gloss over. However, without this realization, the gospel cannot take root. Keri Seavey writes a very important article on giving our children a “down-to-earth theology of sin.”

9 Things You Should Know About Down Syndrome – October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Joe Carter from The Gospel Coalition gives us nine things we should know about this condition.

Noah’s Dad – In light of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, check out this blog that is very helpful for parents with children with Down Syndrome and very encouraging and heart-warming for all. A dad blogs about life with his son who has Down Syndrome.

Eleventh Week Eugenics: On Killing Children With Down Syndrome – Is ethicist Peter Singer right when he says, it is ethical to kill a child suffering from Down syndrome because “the quality of life of someone with Down syndrome [is] below the standard at which medical treatment to sustain the life of an infant becomes obligatory[?]” Joe Carter exposes this deeply unethical thinking.

15 Quotes From ‘Jesus > Religion’ – Desiring God has compiled fifteen quotes from Jefferson Bethke’s newly released book ‘Jesus > Religion.’ Check them out and then grab Bethke’s book here.

$5 Friday – Ligonier offers some excellent deals on books, teaching materials, and posters.

For by his Word, God rendered faith unambiguous forever, a faith that should be superior to all opinion. –John Calvin



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