Morning Mashup 10/17


The Remarkable Reality of Union with Christ – The Desiring God Pastors Conference in Minneapolis will be one of a kind with a focus on one of the most crucial doctrines to the faith. It features John Piper, Sinclair Ferguson, and Michael Horton.

From Strangers to Missionaries – “In our world today, pathways into people’s lives have changed.” Tim Brister gives helpful suggestions on how to be an effective missionary in your neighborhood.

The FAQs: The Debt Ceiling – Joe Carter answers some common questions on what is exactly going on in our shutdown government.

From YouTube to Amazon: Jefferson Bethke on Why Jesus > Religion – In this interview with Matt Smethurst from The Gospel Coalition, Jefferson Bethke talks about his new book and how he’s changed since his groundbreaking video, moralistic mentoring, the new millennial fundamentalism, and more.

Southern Baptists Sue Federal Government over Obamacare – Denny Burk: “USA Today reports that Southern Baptists are suing the federal government over Obamacare’s contraception mandate.”

Shutdown Politics and the Kingdom of God – Trillia Newbell: “As you watch the news, check your Twitter timeline and wonder what will happen next, you can rest in the knowledge that kingdoms on earth come and go. They are established and destroyed by God. God is sovereign over all the earth.”

Salvation whole, its every single part is found in Christ. –John Calvin


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