Morning Mashup 10/14


The Best Way to Start Your Everyday – Jonathan Parnell talks about two things that make up our everyday.

Breaking Good – R.C. Sproul Jr.: “With its final episode airing recently we heard an awful lot lately about Breaking Bad, a program that told the fictional story of a high school teacher and family man who becomes a vicious killer and cooker of meth…We want to know, what could possibly make a person do such a thing?”

The Loving Intolerance of God – Melissa Kruger discusses how God’s love is not tolerant, but rather it is much more–it is redemptive.

The Porn-Free Family – Steps Tim Challies is taking to guard his family from the harmful and sinful uses of technology.

Reformation Art – A limited time 50% discount on all things in the Reformation Art catalog.

Feeling Shame Is Not Repentance – “It could only be the strategy of Satan to allow the shame of one sin to lead you into more sin.”

NFL Scores: Week 6 – All scores and highlights from Week 6.

The reason men worship God in a slight way is because they do not see God in His glory. –Jeremiah Burroughs



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