Morning Mashup 10/7


How Are You Doing a Year After Your Daughter’s Passing? – R.C. Sproul Jr. discusses the heartbreak that comes with losing not only a wife, but a daughter as well. We would all do well to learn from his unwavering commitment to Christ and his comfort in the sovereignty of God.

The Promise and Peril of Pope Francis – Ross Douthat in this piece from the New York Times discusses the effects of the progressive and controversial actions, words, and policies of Pope Francis.

10 Ways to Become a Better Preacher – Justin Buzzard is very helpful in this post as he provides a list of ten ways to become a better preacher. [Note: I am not so certain I agree with Buzzard on point #9]

Holy Trollers: How to Argue About Religion Online – I have experienced some of this and we can all benefit from this article written by John Blake.

Why the Church Still Needs the Seminary – Kevin DeYoung: “All else being equal, I believe most pastors will have deeper, broader, and longer-lasting ministry if they invest in a good seminary education as a key component of their pastoral training.”

A Good Reminder from a 1790 Baptist Church Covenant – Here’s an excerpt from a Baptist church covenant from 1790, where the members obviously take the “one another” commands very seriously.

The cross witnesses to the infinite worth of God and the infinite outrage of sin. –John Piper



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