Morning Mashup 9/25


Don’t Do God’s Will Like an Atheist – John Piper: “Doing right for right’s sake is atheistic. Christians should do what’s right for God’s sake; because the Bible teaches us to do everything forthe glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31).”

10 Tips for Discipling Your Kids – Justin Buzzard shows the importance of discipleship in the home as he gives ten helpful tips for discipling your own children.

From Hitler’s Wolves to Christ’s Lambs – “They walked to the gallows together, pastor and penitent. Each step up took them closer to the fall—the abbreviated, fatal fall to come. As the criminal stood above the trapdoor that, moments later, would open to rope him into eternity, an officer asked him if he had any final words. ‘I place all my confidence in the Lamb who made atonement for my sins,’ he said. ‘May God have mercy on my soul.'”

Sen. Ted Cruz Talkathon – In a filibuster-like move, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has taken the Senate floor to make an attempt to delay and defund Obamacare. Republicans are split on this move as some fear that the blame for a  government shutdown would be solely on the shoulders of the GOP. Meanwhile, Sen. Cruz has been on the floor for 17 hours and counting.

A Top 10 Football Recruiting Class at Kentucky? – Can it be? The only way for UK to have a successful football program, it is going to have to attract better players. The recruiting class for 2014 seems to be shaping into a first for Kentucky–a top ten recruiting class.

There is no such way to attain to greater measures of grace than for a man to live up to that little grace he has. –Thomas Brooks


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