Morning Mashup 9/24


Pakistan Church Bombing – This article from the New York Times gives detailed information of the tragic attack on Christians in Pakistan. This is one of the worst attacks on Christians in the country’s history. I have committed to pray for Christians in this area for the rest of this month as more attacks have indirectly been threatened by the Islamist group that is responsible. See BBC News for another perspective.

Terrorists Target Christians in Nairobi, Kenya Mall Bombings – “AsiaNews reports several al Shabaab terrorists committed suicide after holding non-Muslim hostages inside the mall for two days.” The persecuted church in both Pakistan and Kenya are in desperate need of our prayers. May their devotion to Christ shine in the darkness of suffering.

The Recovery of True Worship – Al Mohler writes, “Worship is the purpose for which we were made — and only the redeemed can worship the Father in spirit and in truth.” He considers whether or not we are doing this in our churches today.

CMDA Does Not Want Abortion to Divide Christians – I pray the Christian Medical and Dental Association changes their actions concerning abortion, lest the sin of indifference plague us all. Joseph Bayly writes, “Yes, CMDA has an official statement against abortion. Everyone knows that. Yet the question remains, will CMDA gag the teaching of that statement on the local level when its leadership fears the statement’s promulgation as a threat to their own ‘Christian unity?'”

Meet the Miracle Next to You This Morning – Marshall Segal says that those sitting next to you on Sunday mornings are miracles granted  to us by God: “That’s the banner over our relationships in the church. God performs the miracle of our growth in godliness through people — Holy-Spirit-filled people in our lives and churches.”

Anonymous Youth Pastor’s Letter to a Parent – “Dear _____________, I need to get something off my chest…”

[On heaven:] Let me tell you beforehand, that the excellency, glory, and sweetness thereof no mortal heart, finite mind, created understanding, can possibly conceive and comprehend. –Robert Bolton



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