Morning Mashup 9/20


How Should Parents Discipline Their Children? Is Spanking Wrong? – Andy Naselli on training children for their good.

Parenting Does Not Create Children – Kevin DeYoung writes on the legalism that is inherent with the modern day parent. He laments, “Parenting has become more complicated than it needs to be.”

Government to Challenge Hobby Lobby’s Reprieve from Fines – Religious liberty is at stake in this ongoing struggle.

Hell: Who Goes There and For How Long? – Prof. Thomas Kidd quotes Jonathan Edwards, saying, ” if there is a hell, it is important to know as much as we can about ‘the dreadfulness of it.'”

Preach Scripture, Not ‘Duck Dynasty’ – “Preaching the Scripture, not politics or even ‘Duck Dynasty,’ will bring revival to the Southern Baptist Convention and the nation, SBC President Fred Luter said in his address to the SBC Executive Committee at its Sept. 16-17 meeting in Nashville.”

The Blind Boy Who Played Football, Got a PhD, and Is Now a College Professor – “Some of God’s people are truly inspirational. Travis Freeman is just such a person. This good brother experienced an awful tragedy as a 12-year-old when he contracted a horrible disease that took his sight. Though it took his sight, it did not take his hope, his perseverance, or his faith in God.”

There is a captivating beauty in the sacrificial love of a God who gave himself for his people. —Steve Jeffery, Michael Ovey, Andrew Sach



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