Morning Mashup 9/19


An Ordinary Girl of Extraordinary Faith – “As sixteen-year-old Lady Jane Grey stood on the scaffold on a gray winter morning, she looked calmly out over the crowd of spectators. Then, mustering the strength she had asked God to provide, she spoke with such a poise and conviction that even her executioners were moved.”

Church Returning to Oddness in Culture – Russell Moore writes on the collapse of the Bible Belt and why this is good for the church to regain some of its “freakishness.”

Why Do We Say, ‘God Told Me’? – Nancy Guthrie speaks to the issue of personal communication from God to believers outside of Scripture and whether this is biblical or not.

The Front Porch – Check out this amazing new resource from which all believers can benefit. On the Front Porch there will be “Conversations about biblical faithfulness in African-American churches and beyond.”

7 Tips for Introverted Pastors – Thom Rainer gives excellent advice for pastors who are more introverted. As an introvert training for the ministry, this was a much-needed grace to me.

Biblical-Era Town Discovered – “Archaeologists suggest it could be the town of Dalmanutha described in the New Testament as the place Jesus sailed to after the miracle of the seven loaves and fish.”

There is no possibility of attainment, but by pureness of heart, holiness of life, constancy in a course of sanctification, which only lead unto the face and presence of God, where, and with whom alone is the highest perfection of bliss, a river of infinite pleasures, the well of life, and endless rest of all created desires. –Robert Bolton



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